MedicalGPS is offering a customized social media assessment that provides our clients with a comprehensive analysis of their physician practice's social media presence. As part of our assessment, you will receive a summary report with specific recommendations to help improve each of your practice's social media standing and online footprint. Click here to contact us and learn more.

MedicalGPS' patent pending software as a service (SaaS), M3-Advocate™, allows physician practices to increase social media reviews AND improve social media ratings. The vast majority of physicians utilizing M3-Advocate find 90%+ of their social media reviews are 5-Star ratings after deploying M3-Advocate™.

Overview: M3-Advocate™ obtains continuous patient feedback from patients utilizing M3-Patient Experience®. As patients provide same-day or next-day feedback regarding their most recent office experience an analysis of the patient experience is performed using M3-Advocate algorithms, resulting in an Advocacy Quotient - a measure of the practice's level of patient loyalty. Through extensive research examining each aspect of the patient experience MedicalGPS understands what the key 'touch-points' are of the patient experience that fosters patient loyalty -- loyalty at the highest level -- advocate-loyalty. Patients that qualify as 'advocate-loyal' are identified, sent a warm expression of appreciation for choosing your practice as their healthcare provider, and invited to leave a review of their most recent office experience on major social media sites such as HealthGrades, Vitals, Google+ and others.

More than 90% of Advocate-loyal Patients Leave a 5-Star Rating on your targeted social media site

Every Advocate-loyal Patient Receives a Warm expression of gratitude from their provider

Advocate-loyal patients tell their friends and family about their positive office experience

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